My Bleeding Heart

I am an introvert. I love people but I tend to be really socially awkward. I enjoy being with people but I also need alone time. One thing that I find frustrating about being so awkward is that I never know what to say. I am a solid shoulder to lean on or cry on. I will listen and I won’t judge. But I stink with words. I search for words of wisdom but they rarely measure up to the occasion.

I am an introvert but I love people. I am very empathetic. I feel your pain almost as much as you do. I want you to know that I feel for you too. But the words just don’t…




Author: ashleyhaleyblog

I am a mother of two beautiful daughters. They are the center of my world. In my desire to be the best mother I can be, I sometimes forget to do things for me. My oldest daughter, at the time of writing this she is eight years old, tells me she wants to be a photographer and an artist like me. I love art. I have loved it for many years. Unfortunately is has taken a backseat. My daughter has reminded me that my girls are watching me. If I want to them to pursue what makes them happy, I need to allow myself to do the same. So, I wouldn't consider myself a blogger but maybe I can document my journey. Set goals to allow myself to create art and explore who I am as an artist and share my experience.

7 thoughts on “My Bleeding Heart”

  1. I am an introvert too and when I was reading your blog I thought you could maybe be supersensitive too. You can read about it on the net if you are interested, it may help to understand yourself better. I love your work by the way !


    1. You are right, I am very sensitive and empathetic. I am very sensitive to the emotional energy of people around me. I am used to it now and getting better at being aware of it. Some people don’t understand though and I have a difficult time explaining it. Especially to people who are not very “feely.” Are you empathetic as well?

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words!


      1. I think I am empathic as well yes, I can sense when someone is in need of some courrage or possitive words. I also feel right away if a person is good or not so good. I don’t talk much when there are people around me but I observe and then you can see and sense a lot. You can tell friends and family that you are supersensitive, if they care they’ll look it up on the net ! Have a great life Ashley !


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