Sweetest Treats

I have been taking another skillshare class to practice watercolors. Yasmina Creates has wonderful watercolor classes that are so much fun and well taught. The images in this post were created by me during her class Sweet Treats.

I recently purchased some new watercolors because I was so frustrated with my old watercolors not blending and flowing the way they should. I purchased a Misson Gold palette from Amazon and Jane Davenport’s watercolor palettes from her new line available at Michaels.

This is a comparison of Jane’s watercolors, Mission Gold and the Sakura Koi Field Box.

sweettreats1It is amazing the difference between the first two and the last one. Jane and MG (mission gold) are so bright and the blended beautifully. Koi is chalky, dull and did not want to blend. I am having so much fun with these new paints. And thanks to Yasmina for motivating me. 🙂 I am starting to feel much more comfortable with watercolor and I am feeling inspired to create more.

(I realize that I am dropping lots of links, I am not sponsored by or affiliated with anyone. I purchased everything on my own).


Author: ashleyhaleyblog

I am a mother of two beautiful daughters. They are the center of my world. In my desire to be the best mother I can be, I sometimes forget to do things for me. My oldest daughter, at the time of writing this she is eight years old, tells me she wants to be a photographer and an artist like me. I love art. I have loved it for many years. Unfortunately is has taken a backseat. My daughter has reminded me that my girls are watching me. If I want to them to pursue what makes them happy, I need to allow myself to do the same. So, I wouldn't consider myself a blogger but maybe I can document my journey. Set goals to allow myself to create art and explore who I am as an artist and share my experience.

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