About Me

selfie1My name is Ashley Haley.
I am a mother of two beautiful daughters. They are the center of my world. In my desire to be the best mother I can be, I sometimes forget to do things for me. My oldest daughter, at the time of writing this she is eight years old, tells me she wants to be a photographer and an artist like me. I love art. I have loved it for many years. Unfortunately is has taken a backseat. My daughter has reminded me that my girls are watching me. If I want to them to pursue what makes them happy, I need to allow myself to do the same.
So I plan to allow myself time to play in my art journal. I am a little out of practice and I need a new voice. My art won’t say the same things now that they did when I was in high school. I am excited to explore and see where this journey takes me.
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