Wild and Watercolor

I love watercolor but I struggle with it. I am too uptight and too much of a control freak to let the watercolor be wild, which ironically is what I love about it. This was a fun way to play with watercolor without worrying to much about imperfection. I am thrilled with the bright colors and how she seems to be glowing. I enjoy trying new techniques and expanding my horizons.

I was inspired this week by  a beautiful drawing by CeeCee’s Creations. I love the unique way she included watercolor as a part of her subject and not secluded to the background.


Why am I Here?

My name is Ashley Haley.

I am a mother of two beautiful daughters. They are the center of my world. In my desire to be the best mother I can be, I sometimes forget to do things for me. My oldest daughter, at the time of writing this she is eight years old, tells me she wants to be a photographer and an artist like me. I love art. I have loved it for many years. Unfortunately is has taken a backseat. My daughter has reminded me that my girls are watching me. If I want to them to pursue what makes them happy, I need to allow myself to do the same.

I wouldn’t consider myself a blogger but recently I have been motivated to create art more frequently and share my art, rather than keep it to myself. I mean art is meant to be shared is it not? So I warn you, as an artist with slightly introverted tendencies, words are not my strong suit. I know some people who can speak and write with such eloquence. I might sound like a toddler compared to such wordsmiths but I love people and I love art. So my words may not be pretty, I will have awful run on sentences and horrid spelling and grammar mistakes but bear with me.

My goal with this blog is to find myself as an artist and share my experience with you not to win any awards in writing. So welcome to my blog and wish me luck in my artistic self exploration!

Ashley Haley and Family